Tesla Motors Inc. calls San Carlos, CA home and is the product of engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, started in 2003, with the idea of creating High performance electric vehicles. The company is named for Nicola Tesla, a Physicist and revolutionary Electrical Engineer from turn of the 20th century, also known as the Father of Physics.



As in all vehicles on the EV wikia, the Tesla motorcar is powered by an electric motor.


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Tesla uses an induction motor for both of its vehicles, the Roadster and the S sedan. The Roadster's motor differs slightly from the S sedan in being air cooled whereas the S sedan's electric motor is liquid cooled.  The Roadster's motor heat soaks fairly quickly when under heavy load so Tesla decided to add liquid cooling so the motor has more consistant performance.


Li-ion technology is used in Tesla Roadster.




The Tesla Roadster is available only as a used vehicle.  Lotus supplied the Elise chassis and Tesla installed the interior, upgraded the exterior, and installed the electric drive train and battery pack.  The Lotus Elise was originally a gasoline powered car and was converted to electric.  This introduced some compromises to fit the battery pack, it is fairly high in the car.  Lotus discontinued production on the Elise chassis that Tesla used for the Roadster so production has ended.

The Tesla S sedan is currently in production at the Fremont plant.  It is an aluminum intensive vehicle designed as an electric vehicle from the start and the battery pack is located under the passengers.  This created a very low roll center and near optimal weight distribution front to rear.  It is a rear drive electric vehicle, the motor and gear reduction are very compact and leaves lots of room for the passengers.


A sedan model is planned for production, code-named "White Star". This vehicle would likely resemble in form and function a BMW Series 5 or and Audi 6. The projected release is sometime in 2009 or 2010.

The company has just introduced a fully-electric, five passenger sports sedan dubbed the Model S, which will be selling for $60,000, and will manage 225 miles on a full charge.

Just after Tesla CEO Ze'ev Drori announced Telsa's plans to build the Model S, Elon Musk began discussing its development of electric car tech to get the price of future cars to (and below) $30,000. When asked when that technology would be commercially available, Musk said that it shouldn't be any more than four years from now.

Price RangeEdit

The Tesla Roadster is currently priced at about $100,000 - $120,000.


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